Reach 25 million on-chain prospects with 5 pieces of content, and achieve thousands of conversions, in any market conditions.

Introducing Scrypt. Build trust, educate your audience, and acquire 100k new users in just 6 months, guaranteed.

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Who is this for?

This is not for businesses with less than $5-10k monthly marketing budget, or those who believe video content is a waste of time.

B2B, B2C or B2B2C Web3 and Blockchain companies, NOT crypto scams.

Companies either well-funded or with a minimum of $1,000,000 ARR.

Blockchain companies who are struggling with predictable growth.

Companies struggling with acquisition, and validating their product-market-fit.

Businesses affected by the trust issues and negative perceptions in the blockchain industry.

Companies who want to better their reputation and relationship with their audience/stakeholders.

Businesses that want to overcome the misconceptions associated with "crypto".

Companies that have tried traditional marketing tactics but haven't seen success.

Ready to scale?

What can I expect?

You can realistically acquire over 100,000 new signups/users/partners in the first quarter of our partnership.

Reach between 10-50 million targeted prospects. Every single month.

Tailored, evergreen marketing assets designed to resonate with your audience to use forever more.

Educate your prospects on your product and onboard Web2 users into your sales cycle.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Diversified Marketing Channels

Our Partners' results

WalletConnect: 135,000 Signups in 3 Weeks

Immutable X: Improved CTR and "Incredible Results"

Quicknode: 200 to 125,000 views

Panoptic: 5,000 Signups in just One Week

What people say...

How Does it Work?


Compile hyper-specific user personas from deep market research

Why do most campaigns fail? Because they overlook the foundations. How can you craft copy that resonates with your audience, if you don't know… your audience? And I'm not just talking about the "20-25 male" generic persona. I'm talking about the specific sub segments of your audience, that resonate with different pain points.


Create viral dynamic-ads to make your brand a household name

In short, we'll then make you go viral. Our content will not only resonate with specific sub-segments of your audience and their individual pain points, but will be distributed across multiple different channels where your audience exist, along with the masses, ensuring mass virality.


Craft tailored educational content explaining your product

The mistake most companies make with content, is trying to educate too early. It's all very well teaching people about how your cutting-edge liquidity aggregating technology works, but if nobody knows about you - they won't care! That's why we address the awareness first, and then we begin to educate them.


Distribute the content to a pool of laser-targeted thought-leaders

After the content has been created, we'll distribute to our tailored pool of blockchain thought-leaders, matched to your specific audience, with a total reach of anywhere between 10-50 million people that specifically match the pain points of your users personas, every single month.

Results, Guaranteed.

Book a call with us below to find out how our agreements include a acquisition guarantee, based on your desired conversion outcome (deals, signups, deposits etc.)

Ready to scale?