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Working with YouHodler to generate them 4,500 geo-qualified registrations
With YouHodler, we leveraged a variety of publications and ad types, including banners, custom buttons and native brand integrations - bringing them 4.5k new registrations.
4,500 geo-qualified registrations
We helped WalletConnect generate 150,000 waitlist signups in one month.
Scrypt helped industry leaders WalletConnect launch a waitlist to their new product, Web3Inbox. Through our partnership, we generated 150,000 signups in the first month.
150,000 waitlist signups
Partnering with Damex to launch the SX Token and reach a $102m market cap.
Scrypt launched the SX token with the help of token promotion partner Damex, achieving a $66,003 daily trading volume, and a market cap of $102 million for $SX.
SX Bet Token
$66k daily trading volume and $102m market cap
Generating Damex $200k in revenue with a 2.5x ROI
When partnering with Damex to launch market their "basic digital marketing' course, we spend $50k and returned them $200k in revenue, totalling around 1000 new users,
$200k generated revenue
Launching an airdrop campaign for Nibiru and onboarding 400,000 active users.
In preparation for their main airdrop event, Nibiru worked with us to create content and build hype after previous difficulties converting their community into active users.
Nibiru Chain
400,000 active users
We helped SX Bet onboard over $1.5 million in customer lifetime revenue.
Alongside launching their token, we also worked with them to onboard new users. This campaign generated $300k of new revenue, and over $1.5 million in total lifetime customer revenue.
SX Bet
$1.5m in customer revenue
Generating Bydfi over $21 million in exchange trading volume.
With Bydfi, we worked with a variety of publishers to create custom brand integrations and publish analytical articles for engagement. The campaign saw 700 clicks, and $21m in trading volume.
$21m in trading volume
We generated MEXC $270m in trading volume
We partnered with MEXC to help them promote a trading tournament, generating $13m in volume. We also partnered with their main exchange and generated $270m in volume over 6 months.
$270m in trading volume
Helping OKX mint over 5,000 NFTs for an exclusive launch.
Over a 2 week period, we helped OKX launch an exclusive collaboration based NFT campaign, and we achieved 5,000 minted NFTs.
5,000 NFTs minted

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